What does it mean to be an HCYP baseball umpire?

HCYP rec baseball uses our own in-house umpires for all of our rec games.  Eligibility to umpire is based on age, those who are age 13 or older by 4/30 of the Spring season. Most of our umpires are current HCYP rec or travel baseball players, though some are former players or other members of our Howard County community. The expectation of our umpires is to be available throughout the season to umpire games both during the week and on the weekends.  Umpires are paid for each game that they work and the rate paid is determined by the umpire's level and their position (plate or base) during the game.

What are the different umpire levels?

At HCYP, we utilize 5 levels of umpires:

  • Level 1 - umpires with 0-1 years of experience
  • Level 2 - umpires with 1-3 years of experience
  • Level 3 - umpires with 2-4 years of experience
  • Level 4 - umpires with 3-5 years of experience
  • Level 5 - umpires with 4+ years of experience

Umpires typically move up a level as they gain experience.  Most umpires gain enough experience each year (both Spring and Fall seasons) to be promoted to the next level.  However, umpires who are unavailable most weeks of a season and umpire very few games will stay at their current level until they have had the opportunity to gain enough experience to move to the next level.

Level International Minor Major Pony Colt
Level 1PlateBasen/an/an/a
Level 2PlatePlate / BaseBasen/an/a
Level 3PlatePlate / BasePlate / BaseBasen/a
Level 4PlatePlate / BasePlate / BasePlate / BaseBase
Level 5PlatePlate / BasePlate / BasePlate / BasePlate / Base

How do I become an umpire?

Simple, attend all training classes each Winter, pass the written exam, attend on field training.

Who: All new umpires and those through existing Level 4s are required to attend all trainings.

When: Each Winter (usually February) we offer free training provided by professionally trained and certified umpires.  Registration emails will be sent out in the beginning of each January to sign up for training for the ensuing season.  The training is broken up over 4 days, with 1 training day a week for 4 weeks.

What: Training days 1, 2, and 3 are 3 hours long and held in the evenings.  The Day 4 training consists of taking a test that all umpires are required to pass.  If an umpire fails the test, they will be given an opportunity to retake the test the following week.

Where: Typically held at Kiwanis Hall at Kiwanis Park and we will utilize other facilities if needed.  

How will I be assigned game?

We use an online program called HorizonWebRef to handle all scheduling.  You will have the opportunity to log into the site, create a profile, and update your availability for each day you are able to umpire games.  We request that you update your schedule frequently and game assignments will occur approximately 2 weeks in advance of each game.

More information will be provided during the training classes.

Questions regarding umpiring, contact Rick Hughey: