ATTENTION! Please follow the following rules for booking cages at Kiwanis Wallas Park:

  1. The pavilion and Field 4 areas have 2 cages each. Any individual team can book a maximum of 30 minutes per day in a SINGLE Field 4 or Pavilion cage. You may not book more than a single cage at a time or for longer than 30 minutes.
  2. The field 8 area has a single cage. This cage can be booked of a maximum of 1 hour per day.
  3. In a given day you can book a single slot in one of the Field 4, 8, or pavilion areas, not more than one area.
  4. During special events at the park (e.g. HCYP sanctioned tournaments, rec playoffs, Special Olympics), we may give event participants priority over reservations for the cages and limit to 20 minutes per team first come, first served.
  5. When booking reservations, you must list your team name.
  6. If a cage is open, you may use it without a reservation, however you must vacate immediately for teams with valid reservations.
  7. The batting cage reservation system is for HCYP team usage only.

Any bookings not meeting the above requirements are subject to deletion without warning.