Cadre Information

There are over 750 games played at Kiwanis Wallace Park, and someone has to be in charge of the park during every single game. That person is the Cadre (sometimes but rarely called a Field Marshall), and he/she is a volunteer – either a parent or a coach – who monitors the Park in ~3 hour shifts.

To cover every day and game, HCYP needs to fill approximately 250-300 shifts during the Spring season. Historically, that has been done by coaches and assistant coaches, with minimal involvement by parents of players. With the staggering number of hours already dedicated to managing their teams, asking managers to also fill all of the Field Marshall slots is quite a burden. Because of that, HCYP needs everyone to step up and fill a few slots during the season – especially non-coaching parents.

To become a Cadre, simply attend a Cadre Training Session and get a key at the end. Each Training Session lasts only 45-60 minutes and is held at Kiwanis Park (see the tab about Training dates). At the sessions, participants learn the major points of being a Cadre, including seemingly mundane tasks such as putting out the speed bumps and raising the flags. But they are also taught the critical tasks associated with being a Cadre, including resolving disputes amicably. Please note that you DO NOT have to be knowledgeable about baseball to be a Cadre.

NEW!!! Due to COVID-19 we are also making the training available online. Please watch the below training video. When you are done you can set up a time with our head cadre to receive your key.

Open and Close the Park

  • Every day at the Park has an early shift and a late shift. The early shift opens the Park and the late shift obviously closes the Park. Opening the Park includes placing the speed bumps in the drive aisles, raising the three flags and making sure the umpires are on hand and at the correct games. Closing the Park includes not only removing the speed bumps and taking down the flags, but also ensuring the lights are all off and no children are left in the Park. On weekends, there are also shifts during the day between park opening and closing.

Ensure the umpires are in attendance and on time to each game

  • The umpires are as young as 13 years old and, early in the season, may never have umpired a game before. Assist in getting the umpires to the appropriate field and ensuring that all games are covered. If there are insufficient umpires, the Cadre shall assist in relocating the umpires to different games than originally scheduled.

Institute the HCYP Weather Policy

  • The sound of thunder or sight of lightning shall immediately cause all games to halt, and all players and parents to leave the fields and move to their vehicles. If vehicles are unavailable, all persons shall be moved to the Shed (indoors, next to the kiosk). NO ONE SHALL TAKE SHELTER IN THE PAVILION. Thirty minutes after the last clap of thunder or sight of lightning, games may resume. This decision shall be made by the Cadre, but rest assured that significant input will be provided by upper HCYP management.
  • Please review the HCYP Lightning and Thunder Policy as found in Section XV. of the HCYP Baseball Rules and Regulations for International-Minor-Major-Pony Leagues.

Announce “No new innings” and “Hard Stops”

  • No new innings shall start within 15 minutes of the start of the next game.
  • A Hard Stop shall be called at 9:00 pm on school nights for all International through Minor games. Games played on Friday or Saturday nights, as well as Major and Pony games played on school nights, shall have a 9:55 pm Hard Stop regardless of start time or innings played. Please review additional details regarding Hard Stops found in Section XII. HCYP Playing Rules, paragraph 4.10.e of the HCYP Baseball Rules and Regulations for International-Minor-Major-Pony Leagues.

Help to Resolve Disputes During Games

  • In the event there is a dispute during a game, the Cadre may be called to resolve the matter. If the dispute is about rules, a copy of the HCYP Rules is located in the Gator and is available to the Cadre throughout his/her shift.
  • The Cadre shall never resolve a dispute about an umpire’s call, be it balls, strikes or any other judgment call. The umpire’s call shall stand.

Maintain Order at the Park

  • Managers are responsible for the behavior of their players, coaches and parents. If they are unable to control their team/parents, the Field Marshall may be called to address the matter. The Field Marshall has the full authority to remove disruptive parties from the Park.

Report and Document Incidents and Injuries

  • Occasionally, there may be an incident or a player may be injured while at the Park. In those instances, managers are required to call the Cadre on duty and the Cadre shall complete an Incident Form which is found in the Cadre Handbook in the Gator. In addition, the Cadre on duty shall photograph the completed Incident Report and email it to the Head Cadre, Brad Smith, Joel Zolnier and Ken Wojdon (email addresses are found at the bottom of the Incident Report) as soon as practical to ensure HCYP management is aware of the matter.
  • In the event of a cardiac emergency, HCYP has an AED (defibrillator) located in the umpire room. The Cadre on duty may be required to take it to the location of the emergency.

Cadre Training Online Video

NOTE: Please be sure to download the reference guide and print or have it open so you can follow along in the guide as you watch the video. Click here to open.