What does it mean to be an HCYP softball junior umpire?

HCYP rec softball uses our own in-house umpires for our 8U, 10U, and 13U rec games.  Eligibility to umpire is based on age, those who are age 13 or older by April 30 of the Spring season. Most of our umpires are current or former HCYP rec or travel softball players. Umpires are paid for each game that they work and the rate paid is determined by the age group (8U, 10U, 13U) and their position (plate, base) during the game.

How do I become an umpire?

Simple, attend all classroom training sessions and attend field training once the fields open.

Who: All new and returning umpires are required to attend all trainings.

When: Each Winter (usually February) we offer free training provided by professionally trained and certified umpires.  

What: Classroom training sessions will be held in mid-February/early March.  A separately scheduled field training session will occur after the classroom training sessions have completed.

Where: Typically held in the meeting room at Kiwanis Wallas Park.


How will I be assigned game?

Umpires who fully complete our training program will be included in an online signup once the 8U, 10U, and 13U game schedules are set.  To allow all trained umpires an opportunity to sign up for games, there may initially be a limitation on the number of games for which an umpire signs up.

More information will be provided during the training classes.

Questions regarding softball junior umpires, contact: