Fall Baseball Divisions

NOTE: The age cutoff for the Fall 2022 season is 8/31/2023.  So your division would be aligned to the age of your player as of 8/31/2023.

The fall season is a developmental league with much more emphasis on skill development and learning. We typically place players in a division where they may play the following spring. For example, if it is likely a player will play Major in Spring 2023, they would play Major in Fall 2022. Please note however that the division played in the fall does not guarantee that the player will play in the same division in the spring.

Where there are age overlaps for divisions, you may select any division for which the player is eligible:

Age 8 before 9/1/2023 - Pinto or International

Age 10 before 9/1/2023 - International or Minor

Age 11 before 9/1/2023 - Minor or Major

Rookie (Ages 5-6) and Pinto (Ages 7-8)

Both Rookie and Pinto are coach pitch divisions. Fundamentals and the basic rules of the game are introduced in this league. Reduced Injury Factor balls (RIF 1 and 5) are used to improve the confidence of our newest players.  Besides learning the basics of baseball, this league is a great introduction to participating as a part of a team. 

International (Ages 9-10)

This is the first level of kid-pitch baseball.  For the Fall season, we allow for players who will still be 8 years old by the 8/31/2021 cutoff to register for this level. However, that is not an indicator of those players being allowed to "play up" to this level for th Spring 2021 season.

Minor (Ages 10-11)

Parents of rising 11 years olds should consider registering their son/daughter for the Major divison.  Altough 11 year olds will play either Minor or Major in the Spring season, the Major divison plays on a larger field and the experience would suit them better for possibly playing Major in the Spring.

Major (Ages 11-12)

Our Major division is the first introduction to a larger field and rules are more aligned to major league baseball (leads, steals, balks).

Pony (Ages 13-14)

Pony is our transition division where players are going to be entering HS in a year or two and moving to a 90' diamond.  Our Pony division plays on an 80' diamond to help with this transion.

Colt (Ages 15-18)

Our Colt division plays on a 90' diamond and is intended for those in High School.

REFUNDS: All refund requests must be in writing and sent to hcypbaseballreg@gmail.com.  Please include the following information in your email: player name, your name, division, and reason for refund request. There is a $30 administrative fee for all refund requests.

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